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I was consulted medically by a woman who kept a brothel in Durham; she assured me that some of her best customers were the pastors and members of the congregation at the revivalist churches.
Sargant 1975, 187.
I also visited ‘God's Bible School’ in Cincinnati where basically the same type of conversation and faith-creating technique was used. Here again all the trance and hysterical phenomena were seen and the people concerned were certain that the Holy Ghost was among them and was possessing them ...
Suicides have been known to result from some of these meetings. Displays of abandoned sexuality were also reported to occur in the evenings, after the meetings, in the grounds surrounding the hall. It was noticed in the mental observation wards in Cincinnati that the number of patients admitted increased considerably after these meetings, when people had been stimulated and excited into states of mental confusion rather than conversion: they settled down again with a few days' sedation and rest. It is always the more normal, as I have already pointed out, and not the mentally ill who can more easily obtain these feelings of salvation and sanctification and of being possessed by a variety of gods, spirits and devils, because they are more suggestible. 
Sargant 1975, 189-190.
Whilst it is clear that Sargant is cynical about the Christian faith and practice, and that he has some well documented examples to substantiate his claim, it is to the shame of practitioners of glossolalia that they have generally failed to address the problems of abuse and misuse, which was Paul's main concern in 1 Corinthians 12-14.
Clearly, if ecstasy (and ecstatic experience) is pursued as a goal in itself, there is evidence that the methods to achieve that goal are often unprincipled, and the ultimate goal of spirit possession and the attendant “evidence” of some verbal utterance (“glossolalia”), casts true Christian glossolalia into a continuum containing damning indictments.
It is evident that some very clear delineation must be done to protect the veracity of Genuine Biblical Glossolalia from the morass of demonically spurious through to the deceptively spiritual in the range of expressions.
This book is precisely aimed at correcting this abuse of one of God’s gifts to the church—for which there is no evidence of abrogation.

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