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Rev Dr David A Swincer is an ordained Baptist Minister, having served almost 40 years in pastoral ministry, including 13 years as a seminary professor.

Raised on a sheep farm in South Australia, David developed a strong sense of the practicalities of life, and this experience has been invaluable in his pastoral and lecturing experience.

He originally trained as a secondary school teacher, specializing in mathematics and science. He acquired a B.A. degree and Secondary Teaching Diploma. He taught for 4 years full-time.

The unmistakable call to Pastoral Ministry led to training in the New South Wales Baptist Theological Seminary, where he did post-graduate study, gaining a B.D. and Dip. R.E. After 8 years of Pastoral Ministry, he moved to the Seminary Position, specializing in New Testament—especially Greek exegesis. Circumstances meant that he also lectured widely in other areas, undertaking some lecturing in OT exegesis, Modern Church History, overview of theology, and a special emphasis in pastoral subjects (including writing several papers on associated topics, notably a Pre-marriage Counseling Course; Marriage Enrichment; Conflict resolution).

He pursued strong personal interest in the nature and practice of worship.

A pastor at heart, Dr Swincer loved to see the practical side of careful exegesis and theological education.

During this time he undertook M.A. and Doctoral studies.

His whole ministry has been marked by a willingness to think laterally, and to challenge common presuppositions, in the search for the truth. His books strongly challenge traditional positions that seem to be held unthinkingly. That will be a challenge to the reader!


Dr Swincer served in pastoral ministry for eight years before moving into seminary education for 13 years. During the latter part of that time he simultaneously pastored a church before returning to the full-time pastoral ministry—an extra 18 years. In addition, there have been several interim pastorates.

During the years of Seminary teaching especially, there was the opportunity to visit many churches, to address teaching weekends in a variety of circumstances, to speak at weekend family and Youth camps, and teaching conventions—all of which provided a rich appreciation of people in all types of circumstances, with counseling problems from theological misunderstandings or practical insensitivities.

Coupled with research and study, he had the opportunity to travel and to undertake several overseas preaching/teaching/evangelistic tours. All these opportunities have provided a rich and diverse background of experience that equips him for the balance of theological and practical writing which has always been simmering in the background.